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Email security program 2 market!

OptifyEmail, quo vadis? A letter from the CEO.

My dear tech community. As time passed and I turned seventy, I realized that I did not have the strength and ability to successfully start the OE program. Since I have invested a lot of energy and money in the development for about 5 years, I don’t want to just stop now.

So, I’m looking for an unusual way to target potential contemporaries, interested in adopting the software to bring it to market. And that could be packaged with my Hong Kong company 1st.codes Ltd. if desired. This does not necessarily have to be a direct purchasing process, because with a serious concept, a young team or start-up can get started immediately without the burden of large investments and that would inspire a successful start. I can then benefit from the success through license fees, which are to be paid for an agreed period.

With its perfect infrastructure, its success-oriented and tax-friendly business model, Hong Kong is certainly a great location and the Optify.Email product offers excellent solutions that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.


Under these conditions, a successful win-win situation should therefore be guaranteed even without large investments. It’s worth looking and I invite you to see for yourself with a free 30-day subscription. Fellows, please contact us using the contact form below, put in your rough ideas and let’s talk. I look forward to a great collaboration!

Detailed information about the program and its remarkable features can be found here: https://optify.email.

By the way: If you are interested in taking over the company in Hong Kong but lack local human resources, I am happy to accompany an interim solution.